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NetGalley – Your Digital Undertaker is now available for review purposes on for 30 days. Read More



    • July 2019: Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) Journal Article. Shelley Rhoads Perry and Sharon Hartung, “Bolster Your Digital Armoury”, STEP Journal (Vol27 Iss6), p.50,51. Read More.
    • June 2019: How Do You Prepare Your Digital Assets Before You Die? Interview with Steve Grzanich of Chicago’s WGN Radio 720 – The Opening Bell. Interview starts at 5:30. Read More.
    • May 2019: Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) Journal Article. Sharon Hartung, “The digital tsunami”, STEP Journal (Vol27 Iss4), p.41. Read More. Join the STEP Digital Assets Special Interest Group (SIG), you do not need to be a STEP member to join. Click to join
    • May 2019: Royal Bank (RBC) Wealth Management Services (WMS) Annual Spring Conference. Your Digital Undertaker – Estate Planning in the Digital Age with 3 Client Conversations, What Wealth Planners need to know about digital assets and the implication for estate administration.
    • May 2019: Northwind Professional Institute 2nd Annual High Net Worth Invitational Forum. Panel Session: Digital Assets and Estate Planning in the Digital Age.
    • Apr 2019: The Financial Planning Forum of Advice Only Planners. What should a financial planner know about digital assets / the digital age and its impact on a client’s financial and estate plans? – Read More
    • Mar 2019: Bruce Sellery of Moolala talks with Sharon about “Why our digital lives should be part of our estate plans & how you can prepare for death in a society dominated by technology.” CanadaTalks, Sirius XM Ch. 167 Interview date Mar 12, 2019. Jump to 42:00 – Read More
    • Mar 2019: End of Life Doula Association of Canada Event. Estates in the Digital Age – Applying Project Management to the Deathcare and Estate Industry. A step-by-step walkthrough of the project management checklist in Your Digital Undertaker as it pertains to end of life care and pre-planning.
    • Dec 2018: Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Global Spotlight event (Digital Assets SIG), London UK, Speaker and Panel, “Estates in the Digital Age: Three Client Conversations”.
    • Nov 2018: Featured in Globe and Mail, “Estate Planning is for Everyone”, Nov 5th, 2018 – Read More
    • Oct 2018: Joint ECF Edmonton Community Foundation / The Canadian Bar Association: “Estates in the Digital World – Crypto What?, Digital Who?”
    • May 2018: STEP Vancouver: “Estates in the Digital Age”
    • Nov 2017: STEP Global Spotlight event (Digital Assets SIG), London UK, Panel, “Introduction to Digital Assets and the Issues they Present for Estate Planning and Administration” – ‘Mr. Privacy Scenario Trusts and Social Media’.

As we know @UinvitedU is so generous with his network. Recently he introduced @jlstdenis and Your Digital Undertaker and they are now cooking up one interesting idea involving technology and philanthropy. Stay tuned.

One-in-four (24%), 13M Brits, of the UK think their #socialmedia and email accounts should be automatically removed #afteryoudie.
❓What do YOU think ❓
Source: @LifeSearch

An extract from #FaceApp's terms of service (#TOS) on the 18.07.19 can be found attached. It is important that each person understands how the #apps they use process their data and what rights are granted to third party organisations in exchange for usage. #DataOwnership #Data

@AllenDavidov @EnvironicsMR @TD_Canada @UinvitedU @AlexisGaiptman @SamLapradeCFRE @MeganTregunno @tanialittle @HiSandraHawken @Hilborninfo This is very similar to the results of a survey we conducted at @WillfulWills - it found that only 12% of Canadians plan to leave a legacy gift, but that number was much higher amongst millennials.

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