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    • PINNED INTERVIEW(Jordan Health-Rawlings, Claire Brassard): Rogers Media The Big Story Podcast “Death in the Digital Age: How to protect your digital assets.” Click to Listen
    • Oct 2019 (Aidan Macnab): Canadian Lawyers Magazine – Innovations in estates law: How legal tech is revolutionizing death. Read More
    • Sept 2019 (Sheryl MacKay): CBC Radio Canada – North by Northwest – CBC Radio One’s weekend show in BC. Aired Sept 21-2019 Interview starts at 1:00:00. Read More
    • Featured Sept 2019 (Rob Carrick): The Globe and Mail Personal Finance Column, Sept 10, 2019. “Having an updated will could be the all-time most ignored piece of personal-finance advice.” Read More
    • Sept 2019 (Josh Jalinski): Your Financial Quarterback 710AM NY. Click to Listen
    • Sept 2019 (Prajakta Dhopade): Maclean’s Magazine “Technology: Ghosts of cyberspace: What happens to your digital life when you die.” Read More
    • Aug 2019 (Emily Mertz): Global News TV “Digital assets need to be considered, included in your will.” Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (Jordan Health-Rawlings, Claire Brassard): Rogers Media The Big Story Podcast “Death in the Digital Age: How to protect your digital assets.” Also rebroadcast on Breakfast Television & CityNews Calgary, CityNews Winnipeg, Breakfast Television & CityNews Montreal, 660 News Calgary, 680 News Toronto, CityNews Toronto, News 1130 Vancouver, CityNews Edmonton. Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (Bruce Sellery): “Don’t Forget Your Digital Life In Your Estate” on the Moolala Money Made Simple Podcast broadcast on CanadaTalks, Sirius XM Ch.167. Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (David Leonard): KYNT Radio AM1450 South Dakoda. Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (J’lyn Nye): 630 CHED Edmonton Afternoon Show “How digital assets play into your will.” Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (Carl Garnich): 680 News “Ghosts in the Machine, how to prepare for the “digital afterlife.” Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (Jim Blasingame): “The digital, cyber and crypto aspect to your financial planning – retirement and death planning must now include your digital, cyber and crypto universe” And “Using technology to plan for the end of your life”. Interview with Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate. Click to Listen
    • Reported Aug 2019 (Ben Sherick): “Digital assets important estate planning consideration” as reported in Click to Listen
    • July 2019 (Amanda Lang): With Facebook’s announcement of their future digital currency Libra, Amanda Lang invited me to join her on Exponential to discuss the impact of digital assets on estate planning and what we need to know. Aired on Newstalk 1290, CJAD800, Newstalk 610, Bloomberg 1410, Newstalk 1010 and The Exponential Podcast. Click to Listen
    • July 2019 (Joanna Palvino): Estate Planning of our Digital and Non-Digital Lives is a cross generational and cross border conversation. Interview with Joanna Palvino of Seniors Rock Radio Show & Podcast (Rochester, NY), which aired on WYSL Radio (1040AM, 92.1FM & 95.5FM). Click to Listen
    • June 2019 (Marc Patrone): How do you go about including one’s digital estate into one’s Will? Interview with Marc Patrone on his Morning Show on News Talk Sauga 960am, live on-air radio, Mississauga (Ontario). Read More
    • June 2019 (Steve Grzanich): How Do You Prepare Your Digital Assets Before You Die? Interview with Steve Grzanich of Chicago’s WGN Radio 720 – The Opening Bell. Interview starts at 5:30. Click to Listen
    • Mar 2019 (Bruce Sellery): Bruce Sellery of Moolala talks with Sharon about “Why our digital lives should be part of our estate plans & how you can prepare for death in a society dominated by technology.” CanadaTalks, Sirius XM Ch. 167 Interview date Mar 12, 2019. Jump to 42:00. Click to Listen
    • Nov 2018 (The Globe and Mail): “Estate Planning is for Everyone”, Nov 5th, 2018. Read More


    • Oct 2019 (LexisNexis, The Lawyer’s Daily): Wills, Trusts & Estates – Estate planners: Digital Estate Myth#1: All assets are the same. “It’s unwise to rely solely on the executor’s ability to gain access to a client’s e-mail account because there is a high degree of risk that won’t happen.” (Link to Article on LexisNexis)
    • Sept 2019 (LexisNexis, The Lawyer’s Daily): Wills, Trusts & Estates – Estate planners: Digital Privacy for the living and the dead. “Password managers are for the living, and estatetech solutions need to emerge…to handle digital assets on death that meet the legal…practical requirements of the executors.” (Read PDF) (Link to Article on LexisNexis)
    • Sept 2019 (IBM InTouch, enContact Magazine): “Your Digital Undertaker – This is the story of what happens when an IBM delivery leaders retires and drags project management and consulting into estate planning.” IBM InTouch, enContact (Iss51, Fall 2019), p.13,14. (Read English PDF) (Read French PDF)
    • Guest Blog Sept 2019 (Death Goes Digital Podcast): Your Digital Undertaker Attempts to Crack the Code on Death: Getting Your Affairs in Order in the Digital Age. Click to Read
    • Aug 2019 (LexisNexis, The Lawyer’s Daily): Wills, Trusts & Estates – Estate planners: Getting ready for the digital age. “Estate lawyers will need to…keep current on digital asset management trends…to serve their clients in identifying and pre-planning their digital assets.” (Read PDF) (Link to Article on LexisNexis)
    • Aug 2019 ( planning /Estate Planning Article: Are We Approaching Estate2K for Digital Assets? Three factors on which estate planners need to focus as planners are about to experience their own version of Y2K. Read Article
    • July 2019 (STEP Journal): Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) Journal Article. Shelley Rhoads Perry and Sharon Hartung, “Bolster Your Digital Armoury”, STEP Journal (Vol27 Iss6), p.50,51. Read Article
    • May 2019 (STEP Journal): Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) Journal Article. Sharon Hartung, “The digital tsunami”, STEP Journal (Vol27 Iss4), p.41. Read Article. Join the STEP Digital Assets Special Interest Group (SIG), you do not need to be a STEP member to join. Click to join


    • Sept 2019 (Simon Fraser University): End of Life Matters. Read More
    • Sept 2019 (Fraser Valley Estate Planning Council) Read More
    • Sept 2019 (Businesswomen of Toronto Networking Event) Read More
    • May 2019 (RBC WMS): Royal Bank Wealth Management Services (WMS) Annual Spring Conference. Your Digital Undertaker – Estate Planning in the Digital Age with 3 Client Conversations, What Wealth Planners need to know about digital assets and the implication for estate administration.
    • May 2019 (Northwind Professional Institute): Northwind Professional Institute’s 2nd Annual High Net Worth Invitational Forum. Panel Session: Digital Assets and Estate Planning in the Digital Age.
    • Apr 2019 (Advice Only Planners & Spring Financial Planning): The Financial Planning Forum of Advice Only Planners member event. What should a financial planner know about digital assets / the digital age and its impact on a client’s financial and estate plans? Read More
    • Mar 2019 (End of Life Doula Association of Canada): End of Life Doula Association of Canada member’s event. Estates in the Digital Age – Applying Project Management to the Deathcare and Estate Industry. A step-by-step walkthrough of the project management checklist in Your Digital Undertaker as it pertains to end of life care and pre-planning.
    • Dec 2018 (STEP Global): Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Global Spotlight event for the Digital Assets Special Interest Group (SIG), London UK, Speaker and Panel, “Estates in the Digital Age: Three Client Conversations.”
    • Oct 2018 (ECF & Canadian Bar Association): Joint ECF Edmonton Community Foundation / The Canadian Bar Association event. “Estates in the Digital World – Crypto What?, Digital Who?”
    • May 2018 (STEP Canada): STEP Vancouver event. “Estates in the Digital Age.”
    • Nov 2017 (STEP Global): STEP Global Spotlight event (Digital Assets SIG), London UK, Panel, “Introduction to Digital Assets and the Issues they Present for Estate Planning and Administration” – ‘Mr. Privacy Scenario Trusts and Social Media.’

The average lifespan for an external hard drive, assuming no physical damage occurs, is around 3-5 years, depending on the make, model and conditions it is stored in. Consider backing up your backups and print your most treasured photographs. #DigitalLegacy #Memories

Perfect summary of our relationship with death - complicated. With respect to our digital lives upon death so is our relationship with tech providers - complicated. Consumers need more pre-planning choices.


Think about it: death is a change in relationship status. #deathpositive #letstalkaboutdeathbaby

Upcoming Conferences & Appearances:

💚SW End of life Network (Torquay) 17th Oct
💚HospiceUK Conference (Liverpool) 20th Nov
💚STEP Digital Estates: A Deep Dive into Managing Digital Assets (London) 22nd Nov
💚NHS Education for Scotland (Glasgow) 12th Mar

Sharon Hartung @UndertakerTech -- Digital estate myth #2: Hard copy, password managers the answer "Sharing passwords might seem like a convenient answer to...transferring digital assets, but it is a Band-Aid, technical and practical reasons."

Read Your Digital Undertaker: Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada by @UndertakerTech. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Solid project management methodology applied to estate planning. Love it! #letstalkaboutdeathbaby #deathpositiveestateplanning

Great segment @UndertakerTech! Just watched with @kevinoulds - great to see others shining a spotlight on the important of planning 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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