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    • PINNED INTERVIEW (Nam Kiwanuka): TVO – The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Internet AfterLife and the importance of Will/estate planning in the digital age (Click to watch Interview on TVO) (Click to watch on Youtube) (Click to Read Transcript)
    • Jan 2020 (Facebook Live & Replay): Richard Rosin, Funeral Director Ltd. A Practical Guide to your Digital Asset Inventory. Read More
    • Dec 2020 (Facebook Live & Replay): Richard Rosin, Funeral Director Ltd. Keeping track of your Digital Assets. Read More
    • Nov 2020 (Facebook Live & Replay): Richard Rosin, Funeral Director Ltd. Understanding our Digital Lives – Executors are now Digital Executors and estates have become more complex. Read More
    • July 2020 (Bloomberg Tax): INSIGHT: Five Signs That Estate Advisors Aren’t Getting With the Digital Program. Co-authored with Jennifer Zegel, Kleinbard LLC Read More
    • June 2020 (Ben Ari): Thrive Global: Sharon Hartung: “The future executor is a digital executor” Read More
    • Apr 2020 (Bloomberg Tax): INSIGHT: Supporting Your Clients’ Digital Legacy. Co-authored with Jennifer Zegel, Kleinbard LLC Read More
    • Apr 2020 (Rudy Mezzetta): IE Investment Executive – Digital assets and estate planning: The first step in dealing with a client’s online accounts is to persuade them of the importance of addressing these assets in a will and estate plan. Read More
    • Apr 2020 (Lisa Sadach): Disruptions Magazine – Your Digital Undertaker – Who Will Get your Twitter Followers When You Die, and Other Things You Never Considered: The first step in dealing with a client’s online accounts is to persuade them of the importance of addressing these assets in a will and estate plan. Read More
    • Mar 2020 (RBC Wealth Management): RBC Perspectives Magazine Spring 2020 – Redefining your estate in the digital age. Find out how the digital shift may impact how you plan your estate, and tips for pre-planning your digital assets. Read More
    • Mar 2020 (Alyssa Davies): – How Can You Protect Your Digital Assets. Read More
    • Mar 2020 (Yasmin Ranade): What’s Your Tech – Estate Planning and the Digital Age. Read More
    • Feb 2020 (Andrew Wright): Everything – Estate Planning: Why You Should Add Digital Photos, Points and Data to Your Will. Read More
    • Jan 2020 (Arti Patel): Global News TV “Wills, funerals, estates: Tough money talks to have before it’s too late – Expert Sharon Hartung says people should include digital assets in their wills” Click to Listen
    • Jan 2020 (Kaitlin Pitsker): Kiplinger’s Money Power, Ask Kip: Create a digital estate plan. Read More
    • Jan 2020 (Chaya Weiner): Authority Magazine – Big Ideas That Might Change The World: “How to plan for one’s digital footprint after they pass away.” Read More
    • Jan 2020 (Lisa Sadach): Disruption Magazine – Your Digital Undertaker: How our online lives have changed the modern will. Read More
    • Dec 2019 (Deanne Gage): Forum Magazine – Death in the Digital Age: Digital assets can make estate planning more complex for executors. Deanne Gage investigates how advisors can help clients be better prepared. Read More
    • Dec 2019 (Jennifer Zegel, Ross Burch, Justin Brown): Digital Planning Podcast: What estate lawyers need to know about advancements in technology. Click to Listen
    • Dec 2019 (Bob Brooks): Prudent Money Radio Show – How to Do Estate Planning in the Digital Age? Click to Listen
    • Nov 2019 (Susan Goldberg): Advisor’s Edge – Client Confidential: Sharon Hartung, An author and entrepreneur looks at death in the digital age. Read More
    • Nov 2019 (Maurice Tougas): Calgary Prime Times – Exploring death in the digital age in Canada, Your Digital Undertaker takes a 21st century look at wills and estates. Read More
    • Nov 2019 (Jennifer Zegel, Ross Burch, Justin Brown): Digital Planning Podcast: Exploring Digital Assets In Estate Planning Part 1. (Click to Listen) (Click to Read Transcript)
    • Nov 2019 (Renée Sexton): Columbia Regional Business Report – Law: Estate planning now includes electronic considerations. Read More
    • Oct 2019 (Aidan Macnab): Canadian Lawyers Magazine – Innovations in estates law: How legal tech is revolutionizing death. Read More
    • Sept 2019 (STEP): Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Advising Families across Generations: 60 Second Interview with Sharon Hartung, TEP Read More
    • Sept 2019 (Sheryl MacKay): CBC Radio Canada – North by Northwest – CBC Radio One’s weekend show in BC. Aired Sept 21-2019 Interview starts at 1:00:00. Click to Listen
    • Sept 2019 (Rob Carrick): The Globe and Mail Personal Finance Column, Sept 10, 2019. “Having an updated will could be the all-time most ignored piece of personal-finance advice.” Read More
    • Sept 2019 (Josh Jalinski): Your Financial Quarterback 710AM NY. Click to Listen
    • Sept 2019 (Prajakta Dhopade): Maclean’s Magazine “Technology: Ghosts of cyberspace: What happens to your digital life when you die.” Read More
    • Aug 2019 (Emily Mertz): Global News TV “Digital assets need to be considered, included in your will.” Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (Jordan Health-Rawlings, Claire Brassard): Rogers Media The Big Story Podcast “Death in the Digital Age: How to protect your digital assets.” Also rebroadcast on Breakfast Television & CityNews Calgary, CityNews Winnipeg, Breakfast Television & CityNews Montreal, 660 News Calgary, 680 News Toronto, CityNews Toronto, News 1130 Vancouver, CityNews Edmonton. Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (Bruce Sellery): “Don’t Forget Your Digital Life In Your Estate” on the Moolala Money Made Simple Podcast broadcast on CanadaTalks, Sirius XM Ch.167. Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (David Leonard): KYNT Radio AM1450 South Dakoda. Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (J’lyn Nye): 630 CHED Edmonton Afternoon Show “How digital assets play into your will.” Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (Carl Garnich): 680 News “Ghosts in the Machine, how to prepare for the “digital afterlife.” Click to Listen
    • Aug 2019 (Jim Blasingame): “The digital, cyber and crypto aspect to your financial planning – retirement and death planning must now include your digital, cyber and crypto universe” And “Using technology to plan for the end of your life”. Interview with Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate. Click to Listen
    • Reported Aug 2019 (Ben Sherick): “Digital assets important estate planning consideration” as reported in Click to Listen
    • July 2019 (Amanda Lang): With Facebook’s announcement of their future digital currency Libra, Amanda Lang invited me to join her on Exponential to discuss the impact of digital assets on estate planning and what we need to know. Aired on Newstalk 1290, CJAD800, Newstalk 610, Bloomberg 1410, Newstalk 1010 and The Exponential Podcast. Click to Listen
    • July 2019 (Joanna Palvino): Estate Planning of our Digital and Non-Digital Lives is a cross generational and cross border conversation. Interview with Joanna Palvino of Seniors Rock Radio Show & Podcast (Rochester, NY), which aired on WYSL Radio (1040AM, 92.1FM & 95.5FM). Click to Listen
    • June 2019 (Marc Patrone): How do you go about including one’s digital estate into one’s Will? Interview with Marc Patrone on his Morning Show on News Talk Sauga 960am, live on-air radio, Mississauga (Ontario). Read More
    • June 2019 (Steve Grzanich): How Do You Prepare Your Digital Assets Before You Die? Interview with Steve Grzanich of Chicago’s WGN Radio 720 – The Opening Bell. Interview starts at 5:30. Click to Listen
    • Mar 2019 (Bruce Sellery): Bruce Sellery of Moolala talks with Sharon about “Why our digital lives should be part of our estate plans & how you can prepare for death in a society dominated by technology.” CanadaTalks, Sirius XM Ch. 167 Interview date Mar 12, 2019. Jump to 42:00. Click to Listen
    • Nov 2018 (The Globe and Mail): “Estate Planning is for Everyone”, Nov 5th, 2018. Read More


‘People need to plan for the administration of #digital assets on death and incapacity,’ STEP member and digital assets expert Leigh Sagar TEP tells Today's Wills & Probate @TWProbate @STEP_Digital #STEPSIG @NewSqChambers

There is no time like a pandemic to get you thinking about your Will. There are 3 options for ensuring that you have your affairs in order for your family. The only question is, which one will you choose? #ExecutorTipThursday

Take a look at what @SandiMartinSPF's has to say about her experience diving into Sharon Hartung's "Your Digital Undertaker: Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada".


Our personal digital footprints just got a whole lot more interesting. #digitalexecutor #estatetech #digitalestate #wealthplanning #yourdigitalundertaker

Would you like to contribute to the STEP Journal? We would love to hear your proposals. Visit for important contacts, helpful tips, submission guidelines and the 2021 editorial calendar. #STEPJournal #contribute

My cherished colleague/rival @patstokes has a book out today in the UK! This philosophical take on the humanity of the online dead is profound, funny, and hugely relevant. I love it. Digital Souls: A Philosophy of Online Death

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