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    • May 2019: Northwind Professional Institute 2nd Annual High Net Worth Invitational Forum. Panel Session: Digital Assets and Estate Planning in the Digital Age.
    • Apr 2019: The Financial Planning Forum of Advice Only Planners. What should a financial planner know about digital assets / the digital age and its impact on a client’s financial and estate plans? – Read More
    • Mar 2019: Bruce Sellery of Moolala talks with Sharon about “Why our digital lives should be part of our estate plans & how you can prepare for death in a society dominated by technology.” CanadaTalks, Sirius XM Ch. 167 Interview date Mar 12, 2019. Jump to 42:00 – Read More
    • Mar 2019: End of Life Doula Association of Canada Event. Estates in the Digital Age – Applying Project Management to the Deathcare and Estate Industry. A step-by-step walkthrough of the project management checklist in Your Digital Undertaker as it pertains to end of life care and pre-planning.
    • Dec 2018: Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Global Spotlight event (Digital Assets SIG), London UK, Speaker and Panel, “Estates in the Digital Age: Three Client Conversations”.
    • Nov 2018: Featured in Globe and Mail, “Estate Planning is for Everyone”, Nov 5th, 2018 – Read More
    • Oct 2018: Joint ECF Edmonton Community Foundation / The Canadian Bar Association: “Estates in the Digital World – Crypto What?, Digital Who?”
    • May 2018: STEP Vancouver: “Estates in the Digital Age”
    • Nov 2017: STEP Global Spotlight event (Digital Assets SIG), London UK, Panel, “Introduction to Digital Assets and the Issues they Present for Estate Planning and Administration” – ‘Mr. Privacy Scenario Trusts and Social Media’.
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