“Today’s Executor is a Digital Executor”

“Technology is the New Player at Your Client’s Estate
Planning Table”

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Digital Executor®
Unraveling the New Path for Estate Planning

Digital assets may simply be electronic records, but they are the digital gateway to our lives. They are our memories, our money, and our records, making technology the new player at the estate planning table. The Digital Executor®: Unraveling the New Path for Estate Planning arms estate advisors, business owners, service providers, and the broader estate and technology industries with heightened awareness of client expectations regarding their digital estates.

If today’s executor is a digital executor, and today’s fiduciary is a digital fiduciary, then today’s estate advisor must be a digital advisor. Technology is the new player at your estate planning table – Is your advisor ready?




Your Digital Undertaker
Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada

Available NOW: Your Digital Undertaker – the book that moves the needle on the number of Canadians with a will. The world has gone digital, and so have our estates. Everyone needs a will, and in the information age your estate now includes your entire digital life and footprint. This is the first book of its kind that draws the reader into the world of estate planning with a digital twist, bringing the two worlds together.